Adventures of the Soul: The Best Creative Nonfiction from BYU Studies


Doris R. Dant


BYU Studies

Publication Date



0842527397, 9780842527392


Published in commemoration of BYU Studies' fiftieth year.


"Adventures of the soul," by Doris R. Dant

"Brother Wiseman," by Tessa Meyer Santiago

"My family, my friends, my faith," by Marjorie Newton

"Taking Uncle Toby home," by Rochelle A. Fankhauser

"Luis Silva," by Patrick Madden

"The great wall," by Carol Clark Ottesen

"We who owe everything to a name," by Lynda Mackey Wilson

"Gentle father," by George Bennion

"Vernal equinox," by Brett Walker

"Miles to go before I sleep," by Brett Walker

"Take, eat," by Tessa Meyer Santiago

"The color of love," by Mari E. Jorgensen

"Kindling," by Melody Warnick

"Of tethering and flight," by Sundy Watanabe

"Waiting," by Marian Sorenson

"God works in mysterious ways," by Roger Terry

"Liberating Form," by Marden J. Clark

"Spiritual "reddyness"," by Thomas W. Draper

"Years after the "long-promised day": reflections and expectations," by Marcus H. Martins

"Falling leaves," by Jane D. Brady

"Self-discovery," by Marilyn M. Nelson Neilson

"The Window Effect," by Pauline Mortensen

"Learning to float," by Rebecca W. Clarke

"Tomorrow shall be my dancing day," by Cynthia L. Hallen

"Beyond the cold coming," by Jessica Sorensen

"Voice lessons," by Melissa Helquist

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