Alan Sparhawk is a prominent LDS songwriter and guitarist, famous from his work with the band Low, who is also a member of The Black-Eyed Snakes and Retribution Gospel Choir


Alan Sparhawk was born in Seattle and later lived in Utah and Minnesota. He met his wife, Mimi Parker, in Minnesota, and after they married, they created the band Low in 1993. Low is known for slow and sparse instrumentation and minimalist lyrics. Their music was dubbed "Slowcore" in the '90s, a term the band dislikes. Low was critically acclaimed and well-known in Indie music circles reacting to the Grunge and Alternative Rock movements and continues to tour.

Mimi and Alan slowed touring down in the 2000s and Alan began writing and performing with The Black-Eyed Snakes and the Retribution Gospel Choir.

He has been interviewed about his music and his faith at Linescratchers, which got its name from a Low lyric.

Outside LinksEdit

Alan Sparhawk's interview on Linescratchers

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