Arthur Hatton is an LDS musician and founder of LDS music blog Linescratchers. He also hosts the Linescratchers Podcast. He is the nephew of John Dehlin, an influential member of the Bloggernacle.


Arthur Hatton was the guitarist of Killer Ellipsis until they disbanded in 2008. He has written solo music under his own name, and under the name A Tremendous Machine. Looking for musical collaborators, he noticed a lack of resources online for LDS musicians who don't write LDS music, and subsequently decided to create Linescratchers, inspired by a line from Low's "When I Go Deaf." Linescratchers first featured interviews from LDS musicians who don't write LDS music. It later expanded to include a podcast and was moved to its own domain name, and later expanded into a group blog that includes news and reviews.

Linescratchers has interviewed many well-known LDS musicians including Alan Sparhawk, Kirby Heyborne, Scot Alexander, and Ian Fowles. Arthur also spent some time blogging for MormonMatters.

External LinksEdit

Linescratchers Official Site Arthur Hatton on MySpace A Tremendous Machine on MySpace

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