Confessions of a Mormon Boy

Written by

Steven Fales

Date of Premiere

November 23, 2001

Location of Premiere

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

Published in

Sunstone, issue 130 (December 2003)

Original CastEdit

Steven Fales


"'Mormon Boy' Arrives Off-Broadway: A Conversation with Steven Fales," by Dan Wotherspoon, published in Sunstone, issue 140 (December 2005)

Production HistoryEdit

"Confessions of a Mormon Boy" was first presented as a reading at the 2001 Sunstone Symposium. It debuted on stage in November 2001 at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in Salt Lake City. The play has since been revised to remove "Mormon in-humor" and other references which non-Mormon audiences would not understand. The "Original Utah Version" was published in Sunstone in 2003.[1]


  1. Fales, Steven. "Confessions of a Mormon Boy." Sunstone, issue 130 (December 2003), p. 40

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