Divine Comedy is a sketch comedy troupe founded by BYU students Randy Davis and Greg Peterson in 1994. The troupe is sponsored by the BYU Department of Theatre and Media Arts and consists of a cast and crew of BYU students. Auditions are held every year to replace members who have graduated or otherwise moved on.

Cast MembersEdit


1994-1996: Greg Petersen, Randy Davis, Steve Jenkins, Mike Rasumssen

1999-2000: Aaron Allen


2000-2001: David Hendengren, Robert Marsh, Summer Mull, Shaun Hunley

2001-2002: Laura Welch, Robert Marsh, Summer Mull, Shaun Hunley

2002-2003: Aaron Allen, Robert Marsh, Summer Mull

2003-2004: Alex Kirry, Joel Hilton, Summer Mull, Tammy Munro

2004-2005: Aaron Allen, Kats Blodgett, Peyton Buhler, Jono Decker, Shark J. Gillins, David Hedengren, Mary Hedengren, Joel Hilton, Brynn Kelly, Ian Kelly, Alex Kirry, Taylor Johnson, Will Rubio


2005-2006: Hillary Caruthers, Trevor Clive, Jono Decker, Mary Hedengren, Joel Hilton, Paul Jefferies, Taylor Johnson, Will Rubio, Lisa Stoffer, Matt Stringham

2006-2007: Peyton Buhler, Hillary Caruthers, Trevor Clive, M. Ryan Croker, Jono Decker, Dana Rose Fleming, Brian Havig, Mary Hedengren, Joel Hilton, Paul Jefferies, Taylor Johnson, Sarah Kelley-Michael, Lindsi Neilson, Will Rubio, Laurel Armstrong, Lisa Stoffer, Matt Stringham

2007-2008: Amy Cook, Dana Rose Fleming, Scott Fleming, Mary Hedengren, Jeff Simpson, Matt Meese, Natalie Thomas, Sarah Tomoser, Nick Stentzel, Sarah Kelley, Paul Jefferies

2008-2009: Gregory Schulz, Scott Fleming, Jason Komm, Jeremy Warner, Mary Hedengren, Matt Meese, Natalie Thomas, Nick Stentzel, Sarah Kelley, Whitney Call

2009-2010: Whitney Call, Caitlin Clive, Mallory Everton, Jason Gray, Matt Meese, Derk Olthof, Gregory Schulz, Jordan Smith, Natalie Thomas, Jeremy Warner, Mary Hedengren

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