Farewell to Eden

Written by:

Mahonri Stewart

Date premiered:

November 13, 2003

Place premiered:

Utah Valley State College Blackbox Theater, Orem, Utah

Regional Performances:

Performed as part of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (Region VIII) at Southern California University: Fullerton.

Plot SummaryEdit

FarewellToEden CLIENT WEB
Farewell-playing hearts

Samuel Schofield, Brandon West, Margie Johnson and Amber James (Howell) from the original production.

Farewell-Daryll and Catherine

Amber James and Samuel Schofield from the original production

Farewell-Georgie at Dressmakers

Margie Johnson from the original production

Georgiana Highett is a sophisticated, intelligent, and strong willed woman of Victorian England's upper classes. However, her vulnerability is exposed when her childhood sweetheart Stephen Lockhart comes walking back into her life. When Stephen is drawn to lower class dressmakers and their strange, new religion, she becomes reactive and hostile. In addition, amoral Darrel Fredericks is sniffing around the family secrets guarded by Georgiana's brother Thomas, as well as infiltrating her sister Catherine's virtue. Religious movements, class conflicts and personal enemies all work to bring Georgiana and those she loves into their increasing dangerous pull. She only has her wits and her personal strength to draw upon in her attempt  to protect the security of her family... and her heart.

Original Cast (2003)Edit

Director: James Arrington

Georgiana Highett: Margie Johnson

Thomas Highett: Brandon West

Catherine Highett: Amber James (Howell)

Stephen Lockhart: Aaron Wilden

Darrel Fredericks: Sam Schofield

Mary: Angela Youmans

Hannah Whitefield: Fallon Hanson

Esther Whitefield: Tatum Langton

Harold Lowe: Ken Brown

Brigham Young: Sam Davis

John Taylor: Russ Bennett

Revival Cast (2010) Edit

Director: Kathryn Little
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Georgiana Highett: Jamie Denison

Stephen Lockhart: William McCallister

Thomas Highett: Derrick Legler

Catherine Highett: Rebecca Minson

Darrel Fredericks: Amos Omer

Mary: Kaye Woodworth

Hannah Whitefield: Tanika Little

Esther Whitefield: Hailey Nebeker

Brigham Young: Thom Neil

JohnTaylor: Jeff Bond

Harold Lowe: G. Randall King

10th Anniversary Cast (2013)Edit

Director: Ronnie Stringfellow

Georgiana Highett: Sarah Stewart

Stephen Lockhart: Joseph Reidhead
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Thomas Highett: Kevin O'Keefe

Catherine Highett: Cabrielle Andersen

Darrel Fredericks: Wes Tolman

Mary: Debra Woods

Hannah Whitefield: Heather McGregor

Esther Whitefield: McKenzie Foster

Brigham Young/Harold Lowe: Matthew Davis

JohnTaylor: Patrick Newman

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Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival National Playwriting Award second place

Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival National Selection Team Fellowship Award (RegionVIII)

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