Friends of God

Written by

Mahonri Stewart

Date of Premiere

January 6, 2006

Location of Premiere

Art City Playhouse, Springville, UT

Plot Summary Edit

Joseph Smith, Jr., the Mormon prophet, is finding himself in increasing dangerous circumstances as issues of polygamy, religious persecution, political conspiracies, the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor and the betrayal of once close friends such as William and Jane Law lead Joseph Smith onto the long road of Carthage Jail. However, loyal friends such as Hyrum Smith, John Taylor, Brigham Young, Eliza R. Snow and Orrin Porter Rockwell show fierce loyalty to God and his Prophet, despite the severe opposition.   

Original CastEdit


Amos Omer from the original production


Benjamin King and Jordan McMillan in the original production

Director: Mahonri Stewart

Joseph Smith: Benjamin King

Emma Smith: Heather Jones

William Law: Adam Argyle

Hyrum Smith: Jordan McMillan

Eliza R. Snow: Holly Harris

Jane Law: Daedre Jarvis

Willard Richards: Ken Brown

John Taylor: Stephen Driggs/ Mahonri Stewart 

Loretta Taylor: Heather...

Orrin Porter Rockwell: Bryce Bishop

Brigham Young: ...

Mary Ann Young: Melissa Chung

Voices of History (playing various roles): Penny Pendleton, Amos Omer, Jason Fulmer, Adam Stallard