A Romantic Operetta.

Book, Music and Lyrics by

James G. Lambert and C. Michael Perry

17 M 6W + chorus.

2 interiors, 4 exteriors.

About 2 hrs.

A love story, like all operettas, in the style of “New Moon”, “Desert Song” and “Naughty Marietta”. But this one is set in the romantic atmosphere of the California Gold Rush. It spins the tale of the dashing Mexican-American Robin Hood figure of Joaquin Murietta. The Hermanos de Murietta, a band of Vaqueros, have been recovering gold from the corrupt bankers and profiteers and returning i to the rightful owners, the miners. However, as all heroes do, Joaquin falls in love with the lovely Jennifer Wells, the banker villain’s daughter and the plots interweave as the story winds its way to a happy conclusion, like all operettas.

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