Gregg Hale is a musician, studio engineer, and producer. He played with the British space-rock band Spiritualized, and also plays for Our Dark Horse and Last Response. He owns a recording studio, Lincoln Street Sound Studio, and a record label, Handsome Rob Records. Gregg is a blogger at Linescratchers.


Gregg Hale grew up in a musical family but did not start playing music until his freshman year of college. Eventually he was asked to go on tour in 1997 with Spiritualized as a guitarist to fill-in their live sound. After moving to Salt Lake, Hale joined the band Last Response, who recorded such songs as "Have You No Sense Of Direction" and "All Things." Hale now plays with Our Dark Horse.

Hale has worked as a producer and studio engineer. As an engineer, he has recorded many bands in the Salt Lake area, and often is asked to judge Battle of the Bands contests. As a producer, he owns Handsome Rob Records.

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