Book by Gayanne Ramsden.

Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry

13m 11w 3b 2g can be doubled to 7m 4w 1b 2g (+ensemble if desired)

Five major locations.

About 100 minutes.

A faithful telling of the classic story of the little girl and her Grandfather on the Alm. The focus of the musical is on how Heidi's life and ebullient spirit touches and changes each life she comes in contact with as she grows up and learns about God. Peter, Alm Uncle, The Grandmother, Klara Sesseman, Herr Sesseman, Grandmother Sesseman, the Servants -- all are changed by their contact with Heidi. Even Miss Rottenmeier and the Professor are touched by her magic, but choose not to change. Heidi does not remain unchanged by her contact with those around her; she soaks up life and learns painful and joyful lessons and goes on. Structured in three acts the show features 15 original songs including: Who’s The Child?, Starlight, Starbright , On The Mountain!, You Can Do Anything, I’ll Not Love Again!, A LITTLE GIRL, SUNSETS, God will HEAR YOU, ARE YOU THERE?, AN UNWELCOME GUEST, SHE MUST GO HOME, ONLY GOOD THINGS, JUST ANOTHER GIRL, BECAUSE OF YOU, SO GOOD.

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