by C. Michael Perry

What if what you thought was only a dream was, in reality, one long series of actual happenings?

Wembley is an average and very successful fourteen-year-old. Everything comes easily to Wembley: the good and the bad; but still not without effort. Of Welsh origin himself he can trace his ancestry back to both the Picts and the Celts. Once enemies this proud warrior blood is now combined and flowing through the veins of our 21st Century youth. His parents had left Wales in 1995 when he was an infant to escape the heavy hand of the last strong British policy towards the region. They came to America where they settled near Portland, Maine. Through strange and fantastic adventures, completely unplanned by Wembley or his family, he begins to sense his, so far, mystic and hidden connection to the magic of his native land;of who he is and where he’s from and where he wants to be.

Through Wembley’s wide variety of interests he experiences adventures centered around business, farming, Scouting, service to others, theatre, swimming, military history, other sports along with trips to Wales to visit his ‘Grans.’ Some excursions happen within our universe and era of time. Most find him in an alternate reality; a second dimension; and often out of his own time. But each encounter with this strange and unusual far away will lead him closer to his ancient home; and to his destiny.

Coming in 2012

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