Book, Music and Lyrics by

James G. Lambert and C. Michael Perry

A musical drama, biographical in nature, yet full of life, romance, beautiful music, energetic dances, with problems and solutions unique to Latter-Day-Saint culture of the period between 1830 and 1848. It is the story of Jedediah Grant as told by his namesake, Jedediah Smith. This story is basically true and generally historically accurate, certain events have been telescoped in the interest of dramatic license. The characters of Salina Wells, the Westbridges, William Blodgett and the Weems' are composites of several people of the era. All the other characters herein were real people and the events portrayed actually happened. Some license was taken with ages and characterizations in the interest of contrast and humor, however, the authors intend no disrespect to the individuals or their posterity and regard them and their lives with great awe and respect. Their accomplishments, their strength of character and their perseverance in the face of uncommon trials, depredations and hardships has few equals in the history of man. Thus, to their memory, this play is respectfully dedicated by the authors.

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