Lee Allred's award-winning short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, national market science fiction anthologies, and Mormon antholgies such as Dispensation and Monsters & Mormons. He’s also written for Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics.

Short StoriesEdit

"The Führer You Know . . . ," published in The Leading Edge: Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, (part 1 in Fall 1990, part 2 in Winter 1991)
"For the Strength of the Hills," published in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XIII (1997)
"The Greatest Danger," published in Drakas! (2000)
"Hymnal," published in Bones of the World (2001)
"Our Günther Likes to Dig," published in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, 27 (July 2003)
"East of Appomattox," published in Alternate Generals III (2005)
"And Dream Such Dreams," published in Otherworldly Maine (2008)
"Hymnal," reprinted in Dispensation: Latter-Day Fiction (2010)
"Pirate Gold for Brother Brigham," published in Monsters & Mormons (2011)
"Forged Verbatim," published in Assembled Allred (2012)
"Add Infinitum," published in Assembled Allred (2012)
"Nice Timestream Youse Got Here," published in Fiction River: Time Streams (2013)
"A Thing Immortal As Itself," published in Fiction River: Hex In The City (2013)
"Slow Answer," published in Fiction River: Between Universes (2014)
"The Curious Case of the Ha'Penny Detective," published in Fiction River: Past Crimes (2014)

Comic BooksEdit

"Batman A-Go-Go," published in Solo #7, DC Comics (2005)
"Doom Patrol vs. Teen Titans," published in Solo #7, DC Comics (2005)
"Comic Book Clubhouse," published in Solo #7, DC Comics (2005)
"See A Penny, Pick It Up!," published in Madman Atomic Comics #8, Image Comics (2008)
"Mind Mischief," published in FF #12, Marvel Comics (2013)
"Moloid See, Moloid Do," published in FF #13, Marvel Comics (2013)
"Bathhouse of the August Moon," published in FF #14, Marvel Comics (2013)
"Operation: Latveria," published in FF #15, Marvel Comics (2013)
"For All We Have And Are," published in FF #16, Marvel Comics (2014)


"For the Strength of the Hills," Writers of the Future, 1st Place (4th Quarter) 1997
"For the Strength of the Hills," Sidewise Award for Alternate History (Short Form), Finalist 1997
"Batman A-Go-Go," Comicdom Award (Best Short Story — US Division), 2005

External LinksEdit

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