Legends of Sleepy Hollow

Written by

Mahonri Stewart, Washington Irving (original short story)

Date of Premiere

October 14, 2004

Location of Premiere

Utah Valley State College

Plot OverviewEdit

Loosely based on Washinton Irving's short story, this version of the classic Halloween tale shows Ichabod Crane attracting the attentions of Sleepy Hollow's many female inhabitants, especially the insecure, but brave Alice Hudson. However, when Ichabod's attentions zero in on the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel and brings down upon his head the wrath of her lover Brom Bones. Throughout the play, several New England ghost stories are incorporated, notably that of the most famous ghost of all... the Headless Horseman.    

Original CastEdit

Director: Chris Clark


Ichabod Crane: Mark Pugh

Alice Hudson: Fallon Hanson

Katrina Van Tassel: Tatum Langton (Haugen)

Brom Bones: Nathaniel Drew

Katie Kidd: Taunya Quinn

Johnny Hudson: Kyle Hunter

Guenevere Goulosh: Amber James (Howell)

Gertrude Goulosh: Anne Marie Ogden (Stewart)

Solomon Wagner: Sam Davis

Iris Van Houten: Holly Harris (Anderson)

Bethany Van Trapper: Ashley Grant

Olaf Swenson: Christian...

Mr. Van Trapper: Randy King


2004 Ruth and Nathan Hale Comedy Playwriting Award winner