Linescratchers Podcast is a podcast featuring music and interviews of musicians. It began in June 2009 at Linescratchers.

Arthur Hatton creates the podcast with his home studio, and uses music that he receives from the musicians themselves. New episodes are uploaded when Linescratchers receives enough new music. Linescratchers Podcast has featured interviews with notable artists such as Young Sim, Kristen Lawrence, and Jake Workman of The Sweater Friends.


Linescratchers Podcast began in June 2009 to feature music written by LDS musicians. Originally, it featured music, hosted by Arthur Hatton, and a news and current events section featuring Arthur's friend Russell. However, a few episodes later, Russell moved out of town and the news and current events section was cut in order to feature more music and on-air interviews.

Linescratchers Podcast is available on iTunes.


Arthur employs dry humor in his podcasts, succeeding almost half of the time. When Linescratchers was created, the slogan was "LDS musicians who don't write LDS music," but Arthur often uses the tag "Linescratchers - raising the bar."

Linescratchers no longer covers current events, but often claims to have new information and clues about the whereabouts of Jesse Gause, an early LDS Church member of the First Presidency who left the Church and was subsequently lost to history. Jesse Gause is often called the "Lost Counselor" for this reason. However, despite repeated claims to new information, it is never presented in the podcast.


The music is limited to what is sent to Linescratchers due to copyright reasons. In order to be featured on the podcast, the artists must give their express consent, and send music personally to Linescratchers.

Music is selected based on a "minimum standard of quality and excellence." Due to the subjective nature of this selection, consideration is weighted towards musicians who have a significant presence on MySpace, and songs on iTunes, though even these rules are flexible.

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Linescratchers Official Site

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