A Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry

Based on the novel by Frances Hodgeson Burnett.

7M 8W 9Girls 2Boys + extras.

Unit setting or several interiors and 1 exterior.

About 2 hours.

A beloved children’s classic now available in a new musical treatment. Sara Crewe is a gifter and well-mannered child, and Captain Crewe, her father, is an extraordinarily wealthy man. So, Miss Minchin, mistress of Sara’s boarding school, has no choice but to treat Sara as her star pupil -- a little princess. One day the message comes through that Sara’s father has died penniless in India. Miss Minchin reduces Sara to a beggar and a drudge and the other girls laugh and make fun. All except for Lottie and Ermengarde and the little scullery maid, Becky. They keep Sara going and she enthuses them. Sara is strong-willed and courageous and with the help of an Indian Gentleman, a Lascar and a large family -- she survives and helps those around her to survive as well. Burnett is the same author who penned “Little Lord Fauntleroy” and “The Secret Garden;” all three stories are timeless classics with themes that inspire and uplift.

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