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Author: Orson Scott Card

Maps in a Mirror is a five-part short story collection published as one volume, two volumes or four volumes. The fifth portion was only included as part of the five-part collection.

Single volume

  • Maps In A Mirror (1990), Tor Books, 0312850476

Two volume set

  • Maps In A Mirror Volume 1 (1992), Legend Books, 0099884704
  • Maps In A Mirror Volume 2 (1992), Legend Books, 0099884801

Four volume set

  • The Changed Man (1992), Tor Books, 0812533658
  • Flux (1992), Tor Books, 0812516850
  • Monkey Sonatas (1993), Tor Books, 0812523679
  • Cruel Miracles (1993), Tor Books, 0812523040


Book 1 - The Changed Man: Tales of Dread

  • Eumenides in the Fourth Floor Lavatory
  • Quietus
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
  • Fat Farm
  • Closing the Timelid
  • Freeway Games
  • A Sepulchre of Songs
  • Prior Restraint
  • The Changed Man and the King of Words
  • Memories of My Head
  • Lost Boys

Book 2 - Flux: Tales of Human Futures

  • A Thousand Deaths
  • Clap Hands and Sing
  • Dogwalker
  • But We Try Not to Act Like It
  • I Put My Blue Genes On
  • In the Doghouse
  • The Originist

Book 3 - Monkey Sonatas: Fables and Fantasies

  • Unaccompanied Sonata
  • A Cross-Country Trip to Kill Richard Nixon
  • The Porcelain Salamander
  • Middle Woman
  • The Bully and the Beast
  • The Princess and the Bear
  • Sandmagic
  • The Best Day
  • A Plague of Butterflies
  • The Monkeys Thought 'Twas All in Fun

Book 4 - Cruel Miracles: Tales of Death, Hope, and Holiness

  • Mortal Gods
  • Saving Grace
  • Eye for Eye
  • St. Amy's Tale
  • Kingsmeat
  • Holy

Book 5 - Lost Songs: The Hidden Stories

  • Ender's Game
  • Mikal's Songbird
  • Prentice Alvin and the No-Good Plow
  • Malpractice
  • Follower
  • Hitching
  • Damn Fine Novel
  • Billy's Box
  • The Best Family Home Evening Ever
  • Bicicleta
  • I Think Mom and Dad Are Going Crazy, Jerry
  • Gert Fram

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