Book by Nancy Zelenak

Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry

10Teenage girls 6Teenage boys. 1adult male 1adult female (can be played by teens).

2hrs 15 mins.

The show requires no formal set pieces. The setting is either a stage or a rehearsal room, and several areas like dressing rooms and dorm rooms. Modern costumes, almost rehearsal clothes are recommended. A show written for teenagers in the performing arts. It is early June. We are at the Professional Actors School of Theatre Summer Theatre Training Camp. The school has recently held auditions for the special workshop production to be produced this summer -- it’s going to be directed by a famous guest director. The sixteen boys and girls that have been chosen are vying for the top eight leads in the show. They are now back at school for a week of intensive audition workshops to decide the final eight leads. All sixteen will end up in the show. The workshop director is present. He produces this workshop because he loves kids, loves to nurture talent. However, his assistant, the Stage Manager, new to the school, just can’t understand these kids. She thinks they are all hoods or stoners. She can’t see past the surface--at first. But as we see the kids in rehearsal for musical numbers, scenes and monologues, as we glimpse them in private moments of triumph and disaster, we see them live their lives as they struggle to attain their goal. And we come to know their hopes, their strengths, their weaknesses. We learn to love and respect their dedication even if we sometimes question their motives. The stage manager finds this out also. Why do we do theatre? Why the pain, the torture, the heartbreak? Where’s the ecstasy and self-fulfillment? The answer is in this show. It is a positive affirmation of the spirit of the theatre. It is a positive statement of the exuberance that youth brings to the theatre--a force that makes theatre vital and alive. There is plenty of opportunity for splashy dance numbers but it all can be tailored to the needs of the individual producing group. SONG TITLES: “What Am I Doing Here?”, “Cream Of The Crop”, “Like Me!”, “Onstage”, “Rehearsing”, “Visions of Broadway”, “A Movie Star”, “Daddy”, “It’s All Right To Cry”, “Show Time”.

Published by Encore Performance Publishing an imprint of Eldridge Plays and Musicals. OR

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