Orson Scott Card
Born August 24, 1951(1951-08-24)
Richland, Washington
Occupation Novelist, English Professor
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror, LDS fiction
Notable work(s) Ender's Game series
Official website


Awards for Ender's Game:

  • 1985 Nebula Award
  • 1986 Hugo Award

Awards for Speaker for the Dead:

  • 1986 Nebula Award
  • 1987 Hugo Award
  • 1987 Locus Award

Awards for Seventh Son:

  • 1988 Locus Award
  • 1988 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award
  • 1989 Ditmar Award
  • 2000 Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire

1989 Locus Award for Red Prophet

1992 Association for Mormon Letters Award for Lost Boys

1992 Hugo Award nominee for Xenocide

1996 Locus Award for Alvin Journeyman

2000 Alex Award winner for Ender's Shadow

2005 Association for Mormon Letters Award honorable mention for Magic Street

2006 Association for Mormon Letters Award honorable mention for Empire

2008 Lifetime Achievement Whitney Award




Treason (1979)
Capitol (1979)
Hot Sleep (1979)


Songmaster (1980)
Hart's Hope (1983)
Saints (Woman of Destiny) (1983)
The Worthing Chronicle (1983)
Ender's Game (1985)
Speaker for the Dead (1986)
Seventh Son (1987)
Wyrms (1987)
Red Prophet (1988)
Treason (1998)
The Abyss from the screenplay by James Cameron (1989)
Prentice Alvin (1989)


The Folk of the Fringe (1990)
The Worthing Saga (1990)
Eye for Eye published as a double novel with Tunesmith by Lloyd Biggle, Jr. (1990)
Xenocide (1991)
Lost Boys (1992)
Maps in a Mirror Volume 1 (1992)
Maps in a Mirror Volume 2 (1992)
The Changed Man (1992)
Flux (1992)
Monkey Sonatas (1992)
Cruel Miracles (1992)
The Memory of Earth (1992)
The Call of Earth (1993)
The Ships of Earth (1994)
Lovelock with Katherine H. Kidd (1994)
Alvin Journeyman (1995)
Earthfall (1995)
Earthborn (1995)
Children of the Mind (1996)
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus (1996)
Treasure Box (1996)
Stone Tables (1997)
Heartfire (1998)
Homebody (1998)
Enchantment (1999)
Magic Mirror (1999)
Ender's Shadow (1999)


Sarah (2000)
Shadow of the Hegemon (2000)
Rebekah (2001)
Shadow Puppets (2002)
The Crystal City (2003)
Robota (2003)
An Open Book (2004)
Rachel and Leah (2004)
Magic Street (2005)
Shadow of the Giant (2005)
Empire (2006)
Invasive Procedures with Aaron Johnston (2007)
A War of Gifts: An Ender Story (2007)
The Space Boy (2007)

Novel SeriesEdit

Ender's Game Series

Homecoming Saga

Tales of Alvin Maker

The Women of Genesis

The Worthing Series

Short StoriesEdit

"Gert Fram," published in the Ensign, July 1977

"The Fringe," published in The Folk of the Fringe (1989)

"Worthy to be One of Us," published in Turning Hearts: Short Stories on Family Life (1994)

"The Elephants of Poznan," published in Fantastyka

Short Story CollectionsEdit

Unaccompanied Sonata and Other Stories (1980)
Cardography (1987)
Folk of the Fringe (1989)
Maps in a Mirror (1990)
First Meetings: In the Enderverse (2003)
Keeper of Dreams (2008)



Listen, Mom and Dad (1977)
Saintspeak (1981)
Ainge (1981)
Characters and Viewpoint (1988)
How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy (1990)

Essays and ArticlesEdit

"Families in Fiction," published in Turning Hearts: Short Stories on Family Life (1994)

Essay CollectionsEdit

A Storyteller in Zion (1993)



The Morning After (premiered in 1969)
The Apostate (1970)
Across Five Summers (workshopped in 1971)
Of Gideon (1971)
Stone Tables (1973)
Father, Mother, Mother, and Mom (1974)
A Christmas Carol (1974)
Liberty Jail (play) (1975)
Rag Mission (as Brian Green), published in the Ensign, July 1977
Liberty Jail (musical) (1978)
Fresh Courage Take (1978)
Elders and Sisters (1979)


A Dixie Christmas Carol (1989)
Barefoot to Zion (1997)

Theatrical Adaptations of Works by CardEdit

Quietus and Other Stories, premiered February 26, 1997

Plays published in Posing as People: Three Stories, Three Plays (2004):



"In a Crowded Sunday School Class," published in Sunstone, issue 2 (Spring 1976)

"Is Prophecy a Gift?," published in Sunstone, issue 2 (Spring 1976)

"Looking West," published in the Ensign, (July 1977)


"Openings," published in BYU Studies, vol. 21, no. 2 (Spring 1981)

"From a Spirit to the One Possessed," published in Amazing Stories, (November 1981)

"Abel, Cain," published in BYU Studies, vol. 21, no. 1 (Winter 1981)

"Prentice Alvin and the No-Good Plow," published in Sunstone (August 1989)

Poetry CollectionsEdit

An Open Book: Poems (2004)

See AlsoEdit

External LinksEdit

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