Prometheus Unbound

Written by

Mahonri Stewart

Date of Premiere

July 31, 2008

Location of Premiere

BYU Nelke Theater, Provo, Utah

Prometheus Unbound (83)
Prometheus Unbound (106)

Plot SummaryEdit

Original CastEdit

Director: Penny Pendleton
Pythia: Allie Bates
Aphrodite: Katy Baxter
Jason: Jeff Bond
Zeus: Matthew Christensen
Artemis: Bryn Dalton
Ajax: Matt Davis
Prometheus: Dave Dixon
Prophetes: Josh Drew
Heracles: Nate Drew
Pheobe: Chantel Keiser
Erysichton: Amos Omer
Iphigenia: Anne Shakespeare
Pandora: Bethany Talley
Callisto: Bekah Wilbur


External LinksEdit

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