Segullah is a group-blog an literary magazine published by The Segullah Group. According to their about page:

In the spring of 2004, five women formed an amateur writing group known as Segullah (credit for the name goes to one of the members, Jane Johnson, a lover of Hebrew language). Out of our interactions came plans to launch a journal featuring the insights and experiences of LDS women.

Our group of five has expanded to a full staff of editors and advisors, who have produced four volumes, which can be read in their online editions. In 2007, we began publishing three issues a year.

The purposes of Segullah are many: to reveal rich meaning in the lives of ordinary women; to spark contemplation about self, others, life, and truth; to showcase the unique offerings of individual women; to emphasize our unity of purpose and hope as sisters; to provide an arena for the works of “closet” writers and visual artists (we know you’re out there); to honor outstanding literary art; and to encourage more LDS women to discover their voice through the demanding and rewarding work of writing. Above all, we intend this journal to help build the kingdom of God by celebrating the “good news” of the gospel and its significance in our lives.[1]


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