Swallow the Sun

Written by

Mahonri Stewart

Date of Premiere

May 16, 2008

Location of Premiere

Provo Theater, Provo, Utah

Plot SummaryEdit

Original CastEdit

IMG 2675
IMG 2947

Director: Mahonri Stewart

C. S. Lewis: C. Adam Stallard
Paddy Moore: Jeff Bond
Janie Moore: Tatum Haugen
Maureen Moore: Rachael Stewart
Albert Lewis: James Goldberg
Warnie Lewis: Amos Omer
J. R. R. Tolkien: David Dixon
Hugo Dyson: Matthew Price Davies
Arthur Greeves: Cole Hooley
Owen Barfield: Will McCallister
John "Doc" Askins: Eric "C" Heaps
Mary "Smudge" Wibelin: Jana Stubbs


This play was originally called The Reluctant Convert, and was presented as a staged reading in 2006.


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