by Mark Twain.

Adapted by R. Rex Stephenson

Music by Jon Cohn and C. Michael Perry

Lyrics by R. Rex Stephenson and C. Michael Perry

11M 2W 6B 3G 4TB 2TG + townspeople

[Can be done with 6M 2W 3B 2G 4TB 2TG +townspeople, if desired

Unit Setting.

About 90 minutes.

This adaptation of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn follows Mark Twain’s novel from Huck running away from The Widow Douglas to join Jim for their adventures down the Mississippi River. They encounter the King and the Duke; get involved in a Shakespearian production of “Romeo and Juliet,” are joined by Tom Sawyer and end up at Aunt Sally’s, where Jim is freed and Huck takes off for “Injun Territory.”

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