by James G. Lambert and C. Michael Perry

A Musical

11M 6W 2 TB plus soldiers and townsfolk.

Unit Set with wing and drop.

2 hrs.

A great adaptation of one of the most remarkable stories ever to come out of the Civil War. Basically it is the story of a Confederate Soldier and a Northern Lady. Our Soldier, Stacy, is captured and placed in a Union Prison Camp along with other members of his company and his newly adopted brother, Johnny. A Northern family becomes interested in Johnny and Stacy during their weekly “compassionate service” visits to the camp. They hatch a plan to help them escape. However, Johnny dies before the attempt is made but Stacy is persuaded to go through with it anyway. Safely hidden in the home of his benefactors, the O’Neills, Stacy falls in love with the beautiful Esther. When her older brother Avery returns from the war we find an unusual connection between the two -- as a member of the Confederate Medical Corps Stacy had earlier saved Avery’s life.

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