by Carol Lynn Pearson. Music by C. Michael Perry

4M 4W 1B 1G +villagers.

1 Exterior.

About 2:15.

The people in the Apple Kingdom live on apples: apple soup, apple salad and, of course, apple pies. Jonathan and Blossom are two fun-loving but not so innocent twins and on their birthday they play a trick on the townspeople that backfires. They say that an "Applephoon" is coming that will destroy all of the apples in the kingdom's orchards. The villagers, all being selfish, immediately run to the orchards and begin picking all the apples and carrying them home by the buckets full. After all the apples are picked the villagers find that they are stricken with a strange case of "Appleplexy" -- their arms won't bend at the elbows. They soon realize they will never eat apples again. The solution to the problem is very simple, if they would only stop being so selfish.

"The universal...the script is cleverly written...I feel that 5th graders to adults could perform this play well. It's a delight for children of all ages. A- -- Dianne Breinholt, BYU Children's Book Review" Published by Encore Performance Publishing, LLC an imprint of Eldridge Plays and Musicals. OR

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