The Fob Bible
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Eric W. Jepson, Sarah E. Jenkins, B. G. Christensen, Danny Nelson


Paul Gustave Doré


Peculiar Pages

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0981769691, 9780981769691




Creation, by Danny Nelson

I Study Barnett Newman’s Adam (1951), by Sarah E. Jenkins

Genesis, by Ryan McIlvain

Under the Fifth Rib, by Danny Nelson

When I Do Go on My Honeymoon, by William C. Bishop

Original Sin, by Danny Nelson

Blood-Red Fruit, by Eric W. Jepson and Danny Nelson

Genesis, by Danny Nelson

Capitulation: Forbidden Squirming, by A. Arwen Taylor

How Long Till Two Times, by Eric W. Jepson

Sustain-Abel, by Danny Nelson

On the Ark, by Danny Nelson

Along with the Rainbow, by Theric Jepson

Out of Heaven, by Danny Nelson

Abraham's Purgatory, by B. G. Christensen

The Sacrifice of Abram, by Danny Nelson

The Excommunicate, by Danny Nelson

Isaac and Esau, by Danny Nelson

Weary, by Sarah E. Jenkins

Jacob, to Esau, by Danny Nelson

How to Get over It: The Joseph Method, by Eric W. Jepson

A Travel Agent's Description of Egypt, Circa Moses, by Danny Nelson

Moses und Aron, by William C. Bishop

Balaam’s Sin, by Theric Jepson

The Official History of the Society for the Spiritual Attunement of the Friends of G.C. Benefield, Chapter 34, by B. G. Christensen

Song of Deborah, by Samantha Larsen Hastings

Nailed, by Danny Nelson

Swinging, by Danny Nelson

Delilah, by Danny Nelson

How to Get Over It: The Samson Method, by Eric W. Jepson

Philistina, by Danny Nelson

Of the Blessed Dead, by Sarah E. Jenkins

Solomon's Lament, by Danny Nelson

Solomon’s Reprise, by Eric W. Jepson

How to Get Over It: The Rehoboam Method, by Eric W. Jepson

How to Get Over It: The Naaman Method, by Eric W. Jepson

The Palms of Her Hands, by Sarah E. Jenkins

From the Desk of Baal's Secretary, by Danny Nelson

Ezra’s Inbox, by Eric W. Jepson

The Queen Jew, by Danny Nelson

The Love Song of Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, by Danny Nelson

The Book of Job's Wife, by Danny Nelson

The Aftermath of Explosion, by Sarah E. Jenkins

Wings, by Sarah E. Jenkins

Lingua Doctrinae, by A. Arwen Taylor

Maher-shalal-hash-baz, by Theric Jepson

Jeremiah, à la Ogden Nash, by Danny Nelson

How to Get Over It: The Jeremiah Method, by Eric W. Jepson

Them Bones Them Bones Gonna — Walk Around, by Theric Jepson

From the Book of Daniel, by Danny Nelson

The Dangers of Idolatry, by Danny Nelson

Gomer, by Theric Jepson

Playing with Fire, by Danny Nelson

The Faith of the Ocean, by A. Arwen Taylor

The Short Books, by Danny Nelson

The Changing of the God, by B. G. Christensen


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