Book and Lyrics by Elizabeth Hansen

Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry

Large, modular cast

One Unit Setting

About 90 minutes.

We come to know Lucy Mack Smith. It is 1855. She is near death and has compiled her memoirs into a biography of her son, Joseph Smith - - The Prophet. She has a young visitor who is interviewing her for the newspaper and asking her all about that "ol' Joe Smith". She says his name was Joseph -- but they all called him Brother Joseph. She takes us through bits and pieces of the Prophet's life in a celebration of the man and his relationship to God, his family, his friends, his congregations and even his enemies -- where we find that he was always "Brother Joseph".This show is designed to be rehearsed by an LDS Stake and, if desired, different sections can be appointed out to different Wards within the Stake. It-can also be rehearsed as a full production by one producing group.


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