Book, Music & Lyrics by C. Michael Perry

11M 5W 9Teenboys 7Teengirls.

Space setting.

2 hrs.

This TOM SAWYER tells the story of Tom & Huck and Tom & Becky as teenagers, not young children, theirs is a story of adolescent awakening -- the plot is woven together by the ominous thread of Injun Joe who wants revenge on Tom. The story is intact and most of the familiar scenes are there, but, many of the wonderful scenes skipped over by other dramatists are included to heighten the subplot and conflict of the Injun Joe side of the story. The musical has heart and doesn't whitewash the characters or the events. Yet, it still remains a musical that the entire family of man will enjoy. With songs like: "A Right Fine Day!", "I Got Me A Girl!", "Come On Along!", "Gotta Keep Mum", "I'm Gratified" and "Trouble Signs" your audience will be totally involved and tapping their feet for an unequaled experience with Mark Twain's lively characters.

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